Research Integrity

Research integrity
Standards & procedures

Standards of conduct

We put our clients first and are committed to working with honesty and respect for all those we have relationships with.

Compliance with laws of countries we operate in

We comply with the laws and regulations of countries where we work.

Quality management and assurance

We are committed to enhancing the quality of work we undertake and deliver by supporting all staff through professional, personal and technical development. We create supporting structures to enable colleagues to produce work of a high standard. In turn, all staff are expected to be mindful and rigorous in the way they undertake research, evaluation, consultancy and professional development work.

Research integrity and Research Ethics

As an independent research organisation, The Tavistock Institute is committed to adhering to the UKRI’s Policy and Guidelines on Governance of Good Research. The Institute believes research should be conducted to the highest levels of integrity, including appropriate research design and frameworks, to ensure that findings are robust and defensible. Researchers adhere to the highest level of research ethics, in line with requirements set out by national and international regulatory bodies, professional and regulatory research guidance and research ethics frameworks issued in appropriate areas.


The Tavistock Institute has a procedure for dealing with dissatisfaction or complaints about the quality or any other aspect of our work. To ensure that we manage all complaints as effectively and fairly as possible, our procedure offers a process for escalating and resolving them with ease. If something goes wrong, we need to hear about it. This will help us improve our standards and services provided.

Complaints should be addressed to ‘The Operations Manager’ — l.ashton-hurst@tavinstitute.org

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